Window Stickers


Window Stickers

Using window stickers is a more artistic way of creating the same effect. We design and print different graphic patterns and install them on your windows to block vision and enhance the beauty of your space.

Window sticker and frosting add a dash of glamour to your glass partitions by turning them into artistic canvases. You can use innovative full colour window graphics to attract attention of passersby. Alongside, they offer privacy and safety as well.

One way vision film is like a vinyl with tiny holes or a micro perforated mesh. Since it is a vinyl, it can be easily printed using a eco solvent printer. The holes are far too tiny and closely spaced to affect image quality while printing. So imagine a film with a printed image on one side and a black back on the other.

Now, the human eye tends to take in a lot of information when in front of a large image. So when a person is standing on the outside, i.e. the image side of mesh film, his mind registers the overall image and not the pin holes

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